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School days

Eli is over one week into his first semester of preschool and he loves it (Thank God!). I was very worried about him being ok going somewhere without me. In the past when he went to daycare he would either be happy to go by himself or he would cry and wail when I would turn to leave; it was very hit or miss. This time around he hasn’t cried once, well, except the first day when we came to pick him up (he didn’t want to leave!). I guess when they’re ready, they’re ready!

I do have a lot of concerns about this preschool so far. The whole thing just seemed very unorganized to me. Keep in mind, this is my first child and first time dealing with schools/preschool. I was, and am still, very unsure of how everything works. After meeting with the speech therapist at the school and being told they would like to enroll him in the integrated developmental preschool while we wait for a new IEP, I was just kind of forgotten. Weeks went by without hearing from anyone. I called the school district and was told I needed to come in and register him (who was going to tell me that? I had no idea.) After he was all registered, again I heard from no one. I had to, yet again, reach out to the school and told them I don’t even know the times and days of my son’s class. Do they potty train? Do I bring diapers? Does he get a lunch or snack? I finally got in to meet with someone and got to ask all my questions. I just found it odd, am I the only parent who has asked these questions?? There was no open house or orientation before school began. How are his teachers supposed to know that he signs? That he’s not potty trained? One parent came to pick up their son on the first day and the teacher asked her why she didn’t pack a lunch and the lady told her she didn’t know they served lunch! Class is only 9:30a-12p. Of course all of that information and my questions were all answered in a parent letter in the children’s backpack. How does that help us prepare for the first day of class though?? I have never even seen his classrooms; we meet the teachers out front of the school and they walk the kids back to the classroom. The whole thing is just bizarre.

But staying in the positive, Eli loves going to school so far. His teacher and aids are very friendly! One of the classroom aids told me he made a friend and they played together on the playground. They said he is the best eater in the class and he does very good with his signs. He has come so far in the last for months with all of his therapies and things can only get better after five days a week of socialization with other children and adults. Here’s to a great school year everyone!

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Summer Break

I took a little break from blogging the past few weeks. My mom was out visiting and we were very busy. I have a lot of blog ideas to go through but I thought since Eli starts preschool in the morning I would just post an update for now.

He starts a developmental preschool here tomorrow. 9am-12pm M-F. It is an integrated developmental class so there are children like Eli who are delayed or have different types of disabilities, but also developmentally average children too. I like this idea because Eli won’t be singled out as the only child in class who is far behind or “weird” and also because there are a mix of children they can all learn from each other.

Since we started the trifecta of therapies (ABA, speech, and OT) only 4 months ago, Eli has learned so much. Before we started he was completely nonverbal, only saying “daddy” occasionally and signing about 20 words. He didn’t know any colors, or sounds, or even have good function over his fingers. Today Eli signs over 20 words and phrases, he can point out 5 or so colors, he can say close to 20 different animals sounds, he can count objects (and does so using his fingers) up to three, and he says Mommy, daddy, nana, go, yes, no, and blue. He is also learning to say shorted versions of words to let us know what he is trying to do or say (cheetos= EO’s, play dough= Doe, Richie(therapist)= EE!)

We still have a long way to go to get him to where he should developmentally, but I couldn’t have asked for better results in these four months. Eli will still be getting all three therapies, plus in class speech and OT. The hours of his after school therapies will be lower than what he was getting, and we will lose a couple of his normal therapist, but I have no doubt that we will continue to keep seeing amazing progress!