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Bad mom

For some reason people always want to put on a perfect persona for others. Humans have a tendency to always want to appear to have their lives together even when they don’t. I am guilty of this, everyone is at some point I’m sure. Though I do this from time to time, I am also honest of the fact that, my life is often a mess. I’m crabby, tired, rude, lazy, annoyed. I make mistakes, I forget things, My child goes Berserk sometimes, who cares! Life is messy. I wanted to have a fun blog this week and the first thing that came to mind was how I can sometimes be a bad mom. Not a bad mom like I forget my kid in the car all day or leave steak knives lying around the house. A bad mom in the sense that sometimes I can be a little bit of a lying jerk. 



“I’m sorry buddy it’s broken. No mama can’t fix it. Nope nope it’s broken forever” 

Am I the only parent that pretends a toy is actually broken simply because I don’t feel like fixing it for the 100th time that day? I mean.. I’ve told you over and over don’t bend it that way. Now it’s gone forever (but not really)


“I guess we’re all out of cheetos…”

Ok I know other moms do this. When all your child wants is snacks so you have to hide them to force them into actually eating something healthy….


“Nope… paw patrol isn’t on Eli. Let’s just watch a lifetime movie”

No Eli. I don’t want to watch the pups save the baby sea turtles for the millionth time. And since you can’t read… looks like we don’t have any taped at the moment. 


“You don’t have any more cereal. I know buddy, I’m not sure where it all went… you must have eaten it all. Pick another kind.” (Me 30 minutes earlier…👇)


“No we can’t go outside today. It’s too cold. If we go outside we’ll freeze and turn into ice”

This one is probably mean, depriving my son of outdoor activity. But man some days I just don’t feel like spending 20 minutes getting us all bundled up for maybe 20-30 minutes of outside play then we’re all wet and cold and crying. 

In my opinion there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. We all aren’t happy go lucky, go with the flow everyday. Everyone at some point lie or trick their kids. Whether it’s believing in santa clause, getting them to eat their vegetables or if you just simply don’t have energy for their shit. Bad Parents unite!


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