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Spring is here…. finally!

Spring is finally here. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and my son can finally play outside. After 3 months of being cooped up indoors with a hyper 4 year old I am beyond excited to throw some shoes on him and shove him in the backyard so I can watch the new keeping up with the kardashians in peace. 
With the new season comes a lot of new changes for us. Our schedules are becoming fuller by the week. I had to buy a new dry erase calendar just to keep myself organized. Aside from our normal speech/OT sessions I started part time work and Eli picked up 2 days of daycare a week. I also signed Eli up for soccer this summer. I am so nervous yet excited to see how Eli handles himself in a group sport. I figured soccer was our safest best. T-ball is too much standing around for a boy who’s constantly on the move. I think that getting him involved with as many kids as possible this summer is going to be so great for him. Like his mom and dad, Eli is a bit uncomfortable around people he doesn’t know and it does take him a bit to feel comfortable. (That’s what he gets for having introverts as parents!)

Our biggest change in schedule, however, is starting ABA therapy again. We had our initial evaluation a couple days ago and she would like to have Eli in 25 hours of (in home) therapy. Holy moley. Now that’s not set in stone yet because our insurance is the one who ultimately decides how many hours he can get. But having someone there working with Eli 5 days a week again is going to be great. I have our work station ready and waiting for our new therapist to arrive. 

Aside from our busy schedules, the spring season opens up so many more adventures and activities we can do. For Eli’s birthday we got a whole new batch of outdoor toys for him to use (soccer ball and net, water table, scooter, golf clubs, tball set). There is also a lot of places to go now that the cold and snow are gone. 

-Grandpa’s cabin on the lake

Tahquamenon Falls


Mackinac Island


-Lake Superior/ Sand Dunes

The goal for the summer is to stay balanced. We have a lot of work on the schedule, but for every day of work, we reward ourselves with a day of play. I say this every year but, this may be our last summer here for a while so we might as well do as much as we can! 


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