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Burglary Blues

I’ve been a little silent the past couple weeks. Mainly because The kids and I finally made our move back out to California. Things have been pretty hectic to say the least. I’ve also been a little stressed out because while driving our car back, it gotten broken into at a hotel late one night and a bunch of our items stolen. Most can be replaced but there are so many things that I can never get back, or things that are going to be very difficult to replace. The constant fear that my children’s social security numbers are going to be used has had my anxiety levels to the max. To get out some of my anger I decided to write an open letter to whomever robbed us.



I hope karma catches you very soon. I’m not worried about the clothes, bags, baby items you stole. I’m not bitter that you left my son with 3 pants and 8 shirts to his name. I’m not hateful that you stole clothes from two beautiful babies. And the broken window was fixed within days.

What I am most upset about are the items I cannot replace because you choose to live a pathetic life of stealing from others instead of making an honest living and providing for your family in a way your kids will admire.

You could have stopped at the expensive yet replaceable items… but you took all of my families personal documents. My children’s social security cards, birth certificates, hospital bills, insurance information. Memorabilia from my daughters baptism. Photos of my children.

My daughter will never have the opportunity to reminisce on her baby foot and handprints from the day she was born because you stole her baby book and hospital documents. All I have left from her birth is one lousy hospital band and it wasn’t even hers. I don’t need to see my own name!!

You also stole my sons autism binder. You couldn’t have tossed that out when stealing the OPEN bag it was in? Now I need to call 15 different places to replace diagnosis paperwork, IEPs, therapy evaluations, referral paperwork, all my therapy and medical contacts.

The sad fact that everything important to me was absolutely pointless to you. Now all my heartfelt keepsakes and resources are sitting in a dumpster somewhere in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I hope the children you stole for enjoy the clothes, I really do. If you went through all this trouble they must have needed it. I also hope that they grow up and see you for what you really are. A pathetic excuse for a human being.



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