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I’m Back

Long time no blog! I have been very busy and very tired. Most of my free time is spent having a glass of wine or taking a nap. I’m sure most people can agree that being a stay at home mother of two children is a lot of work. Us SAHM definitely don’t get enough credit. My entire day is cooking, cleaning, and chasing two children around. Sure, to the untrained eye, this may not seem like too much to handle; but to those of us in the know, children are hellions. My four year old is quite independent but the constant story telling, the everlasting “MOM LOOK” accompanied by the continuing cries from a bored baby who can’t sit up or roll over yet, is maddening. Add in Camille’s reflux and sleep regression and it is a true chaos party. Ever tried to cook a big dinner with a 4mo old crying in a highchair and a 4 year old running around screaming and throwing toys? It’s delightful.

Coincidentally, after my husband gets home I usually have to make a trip to Walmart that just can’t wait until tomorrow. 😉

The trickiest part of being a mother of two is linking up schedules. Eli has started preschool again but his class is only 12:30-3:00; about the same the time Camille is usually due for a nap. Hauling her to and from school during nap time is an inconvenience, but then there are doctor appointments, therapy appointments, grocery store runs… Now none of these are very trivial, just part of daily life. However, the days we do have these things, baby girl doesn’t take a nap and turns into a needy crying monster.

Slowly but surely I am setting our daily routines and trying to make them stick. A well oiled schedule keeps this family-train moving. I’m finally getting around to things I’ve been putting off. I just checked my email for the first time in almost 2 months (4,000 emails!!) and finally getting caught up on my tv shows. Now that we’re falling into routines it’s time for me to make time for myself (more than just laying on the couch playing candy crush..) I want to blog more, join a gym, begin new career opportunities. If I don’t make time for myself I’ll surely go insane.

That being said, I have outlined 10 new blog posts so far and plan to post once a week again like I used to. Thanks for sticking with me! Stay tuned next week for “Weird Sh*t my Kid Does!”


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