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How to survive Spring Break


Spring break season is upon us. On the last day of school when Eli’s teacher said “See you in a week Eli!” I went into a mini panic mode. The realization hit me that I was going to be stuck in the house all day with two kids for 9 days straight. I immediately went into planning all the fun things we’d do to pass the time: go to the zoo, automotive museum, picnic at the park, splash pad. It’s now Thursday of spring break and guess how many of those we have done? ONE! The picnic at the park is the only thing we’ve accomplished so far; and I’m really not sure if eating Panda Express at a playground is necessarily considered a picnic.

Obviously I am in no position to give advice about what to do for spring break. But….who cares? I’m going to make a list of good ways to pass the time during your Childs spring break that I actually did do.

  1. Continue with education- Just because they’re on a break from real school doesn’t mean their learning should take a break too! As a parent YOU are your child’s biggest teacher!


2. Find them new friends- what better way to pass the days than to make new friends, right? They will spend the day getting to know each other and having fun!


3. Household chores- Oh, you’re bored? Well I’m doing 5 loads of laundry, vacuuming 4 rooms, doing the dishes, and cleaning the bathrooms. TAKE YOUR PICK!


4. Wear them out- personally this is the most important one. If you want your little shits to pass out at the end of the day then you need to get them outside and active. Nothing knocks a kid out better than long exposure to fresh air. 60% of the time, it works every time!


5. When they’ve done chores, played with friends, and ran around aimlessly for hours outside, it’s time for some more inside diversions. Popcorn movie party is the go to in our house. Here’s your apple juice, bowl of popcorn, and the remote; I’m going to go hide in my room until you come find me asking for a second bowl of popcorn.


6. When you’ve done all these and your kids finally pass out. It’s time to reward yourself. Whatever your vice is, indulge; you’ve earned it. For me, the answer is obviously wine.


Hopefully after doing all these steps your child should look like this and spring break should pass quickly. Before you know it your monster will be back in school.

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Keeping them busy, Keeping you Sane.

I am a stay at home mother and because my husband is active duty military I find myself often being a “single mother”. I love my son, but boy are there days I’m ready to pull my hair out. For a while we lived in Arizona where it was often times too hot to go outside so we would be trapped in the house day in, day out. And quite the opposite, we lived in Michigan where times during the winter months it was too cold to go outside. Staying inside all day with a hyper toddler is enough to make any sane person crazy.

When you are trapped inside a lot with kids one good thing to try are Pinterest activities. I can get lost on Pinterest for hours looking up recipes, crafts, and activities. Some of my favorites are: DIY matchbox car racetracks and cardboard box tunnels, Kid friendly Christmas tree, homemade car wash, and pompom games.

I’m not the most creative mom but I do think of fun things that my son would be interested in. My son is a huge snow bunny; he loves playing in the snow until his fingers are frozen; but sometimes its too cold for him to play outside. The solution? I bring the snow inside! I fill a big roasting pan full of snow and fill small squirt bottles full of water/food coloring and let Eli paint snow. Most mothers know the struggle of trying to cook dinner in peace. When I am cooking with 3 different pans on the stove and something in the oven my son is all over the kitchen in my way. I started filling a bowl with whatever I have in the cupboards (flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc) and giving him measuring spoons/cups and an extra empty bowl and letting him measure and pour while I have an open workspace to cook. There are also the classic go-to’s: painting, coloring, play-doh, etc.

All of those are nice but when you can, GET OUT! I am so glad we moved to San Diego because there are a MILLION things to do for Eli here. If you’re like me, you’re on a budget. Being a one income family means we need to budget! Budget! Budget! I look for anything that’s free, has cheap memberships, or offer military discounts. Here in SD all the museums have a “resident free admission” day of the month. The children’s museum also allows for free admission to military families Memorial Day through Labor Day. Make sure to find every opportunity in your area. I am always looking for new activities to do or new parks to visit. Plus being out gets them up and active in fresh air, and gets them playing and socializing with other kids.